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Cheese And Wine Suggestions From Experts To Host A Legendary Wine Tasting Night

May 03, 2018

Raising the Bar Communications Owner, Kylie Barnett tapped for best wine and cheese pairing recommendations for a legendary wine tasting night.

How To Make Your Winery Brand Stand Out Online

April 01, 2018

Raising the Bar Communications Owner, Kylie Barnett tapped for expert tips on how to make your wine brand stand out online in this California Winery Advisor article.

Wine Crush Radio Interview

September 13, 2017

Raising the Bar Communications Owner, Kylie Barnett chats with The Wine Crush Radio host, Laura Lawson about today's digital landscape in wine communications.

March 29, 2017

Hate artificial flavors? Me too, which is why I love the idea of hard seltzers. As Kylie Barnett, a Wine & Spirits Specialist at Raising the Bar Communications tells me, many don't use artificial flavors or ingredients. Hard seltzers also have lower alcohol levels, which means you can easily drink in moderation. Win win.

Work-At-Home Success: Kylie Barnett is Raising The Bar Of Working From Home

August 02, 2017

With more than 10 years’ experience as a communications professional in the wine & spirits industry, Kylie Barnett has created and directed full-scale public relations campaigns for beverage alcohol brands on the agency side as well as in-house as Director of Public Relations at one of the country’s fastest growing top ten wineries. In 2016, Kylie launched Raising the Bar Communications – a boutique agency with a full suite of public relations, social media and copy-writing capabilities for beverage alcohol brands and services. 

March 01, 2017

Vodka soda lovers enjoy the bitter bite that comes from the vodka. And if you like bitter, you'll like the vodka tonic. Kylie Barnett, a wine a spirits specialist, told me "If sweet isn't your thing, then a vodka tonic is the drink for you. While it has the same carbonated appeal of soda water, tonic water has a distinctly drier and slightly bitter taste due to the addition of quinine — an ingredient derived from the bark of the cinchona tree. If you're looking to switch up your vodka soda routine without getting too crazy, a vodka tonic is a refreshing alternative."

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